• Getting Started with TI CC2650 LaunchPad and Contiki

    I just bought two TI CC2650 LaunchPads from Mouser, which feature the recently released TI CC2650 System-on-a-Chip (SoC), and I thought I could write a simple tutorial to help people get started with the LaunchPad and Contiki OS on Mac OS X.

  • Poster: Building a Stairway to Centralised WSN Control

    Smart Cities will have hundreds or thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of wireless sensor nodes deployed that will not only provide valuable data to learn about city resources usage, but will also control city resources. This extends the original Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) data collection application to a more complex scenario in which different network traffic is expected. In such scenario, many users and applications with different requirements may use the network resources deployed. To meet those requirements, we need network-wide management and control to optimise the network behaviour for each application. We need centralised network control.

  • Intro

    Welcome! I decided to open this website/blog to increase the visibility of my research as well as to make it publicly available to anyone interested in it. I also plan to use this website to write some Contiki/Python tutorials and to share some tips and tricks.

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